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hi bruce,
we mix the fertilizers in a half cup of HOT water to get them to dissolve perfectly, and then proceed with adding this to the soil, etc.  We use 17-17-17 cuz thats what they have here from a feed store.  and the granules are large, also, perhaps print out a CONVERSION TABLE, which i might have the link, to apply the perfect amounts to whatever stage you are in, again, as i just wrote to 'atrue friend' bobby ray, the first month is critical and sterile medium and sterile hands are a must, after the seedling get strong, we DO use the 2 inch pots, i tried to shortcut and it didn't work as well.  it will get easier after the first months, but exact measurements are key;  like we have 2 gallon sprinkler cans and the preplant and weekly to be disssolve is written in the 2 manuals we have, i have to re-convert to accommodate 2 gallons sprinklers, we don't have 3 gallon.

Happy growing!

Barbara, Bruce, Group:

The fertilizzers are best when applied dry to the soil, and then watered in throughout the week.  Applying them in solution they will be much more concentrated, which can cause a salinity problem, and they can leach out of the soil faster as well.

Jim Kennard

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Hopefully just about anyone should be able to answer this as you are all growing successfully.

I have just mixed my first mix of pre-plant and of weekly feed. I am applying it to my orchard and fruit bushes while I get my garden beds built up correctly.

I had no problem with the pre-plant mix because the Lime, Epsom Salts and Sodium Tetraborate (Boron) are all about the same granual size so stay evenly mixed.

I have a slight distribution problem with the Weekly Feed. The mineral mix is much finer than the triple 15 NPK granuals which are a standard size (£9 for 25kg / $13 for 55 lbs from my local farm feed store) so falls down through it in the container so that nearly all the fine mineral mix and Epsom Salts are down at the bottom of the container while the NPK is above it. I mix it up and it falls through again. If I try to take a 'serving' in a can I either get nearly all NPK if taken from the top or 50 % mineral mix if I take from the bottom. How do you go about ensuring the mix stays evenly distributed given the size difference of the granuals and the laws of physics?

Hope someone can explain what I am doing wrong, no doubt it is something blindingly obvious that will make me feel stupid! Oh well!!!

Thanks in advance.



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