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Hi Bobby Ray,
Do you use the manual?  i have to keep referring to it, as sometimes it is not linear for me, i use the old one and the new one.

the most IMPORTANT part is the seed trays, and the proper fertilizer mixed first, the mittleider nutrients, etc.  diluted , etc.  It's in the manuals but i have to hunt for them.

Then after the seeds are germinated, i know i have kale out there, but have not been able to get to them, these 2 to 3 weeks are of the MOST important for the production of proper seedlings.  i just spent an hour in the manual again.

The perfect sterile potting soil in the seed trays with the perfect amount of Pre plant and Weekly feed mixed in with STERILE potting mix, (seeds from are already more than half germinated and come up in a few days, the kale anyway, and then, i need to scrub up and go out there today, as nicotine is poison to them, scrub hands.  the kale should be ready to place in the TWO INCH POTS, and here is where its very delicate.  it did not go as well when i seeded directly in the sawdust, vermiculite and play sand ,  but the strengthening of the stems of the seedlings calls for diligence in the first month, then once strong and in the beds, God takes care of the rest!  

Let me know if you need page numbers, again, i have 2 different manuals.  I've watched friends just sew seeds into this GA clay, and their results are not too great, tho talking to God while doing your work with His plants, i know He is doing the work of my hands and trusting him.  IF you are NOT using the exact specifications of the Mittleider fertilizers, etc, you can burn the seedlings, too much salt, etc, etc, also if outside, the amt of rain , you use either LIME which is what we use, or gypsum.

So, this setup and first month are the most crucial !  
Have a great day, 

On Thu, Mar 24, 2016 at 3:55 PM, Bobby Ray [MittleiderMethodGardening] <> wrote:

how can I get the updated version?  thanks

I am doing MMG in Chino Valley AZ 86323
6 raised beds (4x15) that were last used 3 years ago, and soil beds too.

So far total failure.  Ducks ate the seeds sewn and yesterday, I was told
that mice in green house ate the seedlings.  We caught several in traps
yesterday. The mice like peanut butter.  The Muscovites are happy to eat dead mice.

Now starting all over again.   Sometimes snow in April -
did not freeze last night but water puddles froze the night before. 

Thanks for all your tips.


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Does this work on MAC? 


i'm sorry but i don't believe it does.  In the past I heard of a few folks who made it work but I believe their systems emulated the Windows systems.

Jim Kennard


On Mar 23, 2016, at 11:30, [MittleiderMethodGardening] <> wrote:

Friends: I just made a happy discovery this evening! One of the favorite things the Food For Everyone Foundation has ever offered is called The Garden Master CD. It was created by a BYU educator and is a 9-step garden planning and creation Wizard, with short videos by Jacob Mittleider himself. It includes material that is available nowhere else in the Mittleider gardening library.

It also includes the books 6 Steps to Successful Gardening and The Mittleider Gardening Course, as well as the 9 subject-specific Technical Manuals Dr. Mittleider authored.

The Garden Master would not work on Windows 7 or 8, but it DOES work on WINDOWS 10! So, those of you owning The Garden Master CD, dust it off and put it back to use.

And if you don't already own it (more than 100,000 were sold) just go to and get yours now. Only $25 gets you $60 worth of great Mittleider Gardening Training materials.

The Gardening Course book is an older printing, but just ask and we'll send you the updated version.

Jim Kennard


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