[MittleiderMethodGardening] Worst Gardening Problem


Hello Jim,
My worst gardening problem is also bugs - and all their relatives!!! Somehow I have gotten an infestation of squash/sting bugs in my garden, and for the last two years they have destroyed my cucumbers, pumpkins, and squash!!!! I try to garden organically and not use pesticides, and have tried pulling up all the damaged/old plants, soapy water; smashing those little stinkers, and nearly any other thing other than resorting to some sort of pesticide. I am considering renting a burner to burn anything near the garden so I could kill any residual hibernating eggs. If anyone has a plan to get rid of these, please share! We are losing ALL of our beautiful plentiful cucumber crops (Mittleider Method grows a ton of cucumbers), and I am desperate to get rid of these things. (We live in the mid southeast.)

I also had a beetle that took out my green beans that was not a Japanese bean beetle. I heard that it was a beetle from South America that had migrated - looked like a yellow lady bug. Other than bugs, everything has grown like gangbusters!

Any suggestions on how to get rid of these pests?


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