Re: [Organic_Gardening] Orange Peel Surprise and Slugs


Hi all,
here in Northern Italy, Europe, we have problems with slugs too. 
This summer i am going to try with crumbled eggs's shells. I read that slugs don't like the sharp edge.
I'll try to add some coffee grounds, the same way as ashes.

I'll give a try to the boards technique (i'll save some pizza's cardboard, maybe they will like the taste!).


On Thursday, April 27, 2017, 4:49:58 PM GMT+2, John Wilson [Organic_Gardening] <> wrote:

Here in Mesquite, Nevada, we are allowed to burn some of our garden waste such as branches, limbs, and tumbleweeds.  I take the powdery ashes and pour a small border around my plants.   (especially in the spring) Snails and Slugs absolutely hate the ashes!  We also have pesky little Cotton Tail Bunnies that ravage our vegetables that hate the ashes too!  Works like a charm!

On Wed, Apr 26, 2017 at 11:23 AM, Rinda Frye [Organic_Gardening] <> wrote:

Hi there, glad to see the Organic Gardening group functioning again.  I have a question:  I have two fig trees that I overwinter in my greenhouse.  Last fall I looked at a u-tube tutorial on how to prune the fig trees and keep them healthy with a weeding drop of liquid fertilizer.  The Black figs look fabulous---thicker and many more on the tree than in the past.  But, when I tasted them, they had no flavor at all--looked great but tasted like foam rubber or sponge.  What was my mistake?  Did I prune at the wrong season?  Should I do that in Spring?  Or in the dead of winter?  Any thoughts?  

On Wednesday, April 26, 2017 2:13 PM, " [Organic_Gardening]" <Organic_Gardening@> wrote:

Hello Group:

I am slowly converting my landscape to incorporate  more edible foods. As such, I have put a bed next to an existing lawn that has various vegetable seedlings emerging.

I have put out egg shells and coffee grounds for nourishment and pest control. Most recently, I put out chopped orange peel in an attempt to deter the cats from sitting in the bed. Interestingly, the slugs absolutely love the orange peel. It has made it easy to pick them right out of the bed!

 The orange peel seems to work better than beer traps; of which I have had mixed success in the past.(evidently invertebrates have a very fine taste for brew and expect only the best). 

Do any of you have other tried and true methods for slug control that you prefer to use?

Happy Gardening!


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