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Hi Jim.  I'm an American living in Uruguay.  And I have much the same situation as the gentleman in Norway.

At least for here, ordering the mix just isn't practical.  There's no way customs here would allow something like that through.  Luckily, I can get all of the constituent chemicals in bags down to 1kg or even smaller.  So I'm going to make an attempt to mix them myself.

High quality composts are available here, but are really pricey.  So I'm going to try the 25% sand/75% sawdust growing medium.

I see that for the weekly mix, it says to apply 16 ounces down middle of 18"x30' grow bed, or half an ounce per running foot.  What's the best way to spread this out?  Should I apply it as a powder somehow, then just water it in or should I try to mix it with the water?  Also, how much watering should I do?  I plan to grow grow in a greenhouse so there won't be any rain.



Brian Group:

Easy answers first:  When you have the Weekly Feed made simply take a 15 ounce can and sprinkle the granular fertilizer mix down the center of your bed, and water it into the soil.  Don't worry if it doesn't all dissolve, it takes some time, and even after a week some residue will remain.  That's because over 50% of the mix is not fertilizers at all, but inert carrying agents.

I like a soil mix with about 30-70 sand-sawdust by volume.  Even better, if you can find coconut coir, or rice hulls, coffee hulls, pine needles, sugar cane baggas (chopped up sugar cane stalks) and make your soil mix from 3 or even 4 ingredients.

In the USA and many other places pine needles are sometimes available.  Those also work when they are chopped up.

As for your fertilizer requirements, let me give you some examples and amounts.  If you don't have these available to you just let me know what you DO have and I'll help you figure it out:

Urea - 46-0-0     190#
MAP - 18-46-0   130#
Pot Chl - 0-0-60  185#

Epsom Salts        85#

Micro-Nutrients    15,4#

If you can find the following you can mix your own Micro-Nutrient Mix:
Zinc Sulfate - - - - -  90 ounces
Borax - - - - - - - - - - 75 ounces
Manganese Sulfate 45 ounces
Iron Sulfate - - - - -   15 ounces
Copper Sulfate - - -  15 ounces
Sodium Molybdate -   7ounces

Jim Kennard


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