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Thanks, Jim! They are going in a bed rather than the box after all and
will be a little over six feet north of, and perpendicular to, our veggie
boxes' ends. We prayed about the blueberries(which we didn't expect until
Spring), and we got a one-two punch to clear the space...a pair of
pileated woodpeckers, magnificent creatures, but voracious eaters and
tree-holers, worked away at one of our double-trunked 60-foot
maples...then we got a storm with straightline winds and voi la, a new
non-shaded spot for the berries! Not to mention lots and lots of firewood.
Thanks again,


> anybody got a spacing for blueberry bushes grown Mittleidery?
> would like to use a four-foot bed...i assume one row of bushes down each
> side, but no idea how far apart.
> Blueberries are a shrub, and so can grow to be quite large. They will
> grow for many years if cared for properly.
> Recommendations for planting distance range from 2' to 6' apart. They
> are most often planted in the soil, in a place away from the vegetables,
> since they may also shade vegetable plants if they are too close to
> them.
> If you are sure you want to plant them in a 4'-wide box in your vegetable
> garden I would do so on the North or East side of the garden, or at a
> distance greater than the normal aisle width.
> Pruning will also be important. Fall Creek Nursery has some counsel
> (
> Remove low growth around the base. Remove the dead wood, leaving bright
> colored lateral branches. Cut out any short, discolored branches.
> Continue pruning until you have removed 1/3 to ½ of the wood from your
> plants each year. Remember, this will promote growth and berry production
> so prune away! Use the Mittleider Pre-Plant and Weekly Feed according to
> instructions in the article Feeding Trees & Shrubs" in the files section
> above.
> Jim Kennard


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