[MittleiderMethodGardening] Trouble finding 16 16 16 for weekly feed.


Hi group,
(I've been a member of this group for 17 years, and I'm finally able to have my own veggie garden! Yay!!!!!!)

I am having trouble finding 16 16 16 fertilizer to make up the weekly feed with.

It looks like the closest I am going to get is 6 6 6 or 10 10 10

Am I correct in assuming I would use a proportional amount, for instance 1 and a half times as much 10 10 10 or 2 and a half or so times as much of the 6 6 6 ?

I know the letters indicate percentages, so I am hoping adding more of it to the recipe in appropriate amounts will be the answer.

If anyone lives in this area and knows where to get 16 16 16 please let me know!

I am in South Florida, and although it certainly seems off season for most to be starting a veggie garden, most of the seeds indicate appropriate planting times for this location to be :

March to Aug, Jan to Sept, Jan to Dec, Sept to May,

When you look at a Florida map, I am located right below that large lake that is in the bottom third of the state, so pretty far South, and only about 5 or 6 miles from the Eastern beaches

This is the first time I am having the opportunity and assistance to accomplish the veggie garden and we are going to do whatever we can, of course learning along the way.

​Veggie Markets and Garden centers actually have Vegetable plants for sale at this time, and I have purchased some of those and have a small portion of the ground open (with more to come) and ready to be fertilized prior to planting. I am excited and cant wait to actually see the plants in the ground.  I also have bunches of seeds to try out, some of them are a little older, but there will always be a percentage that will sprout, even a few plants of each will be a great start, and opportunity to learn about them.

Thanks a million for anything you can tell me.

Mary Kay Huster, Lake Worth Florida

Mary Kay:

It is difficult to feed accurately if you don't start with something close to 16-16-16.  We do have members of the group living in Florida - Please respond with possible sources of a good fertilizer for this lady!

Meanwhile I recommend you call and find a farmer's supply or Co-op store, where they sell to the farmers and commercial growers.  If they don't have mixed 16-16-16 or something close, ask about getting nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium separately.  If you can find them separately I will be happy to tell you how to mix them so as to get what you need.

Jim Kennard


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