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The 2 Mittleider Gardening Training Boot Camps are filling up fast!  We want everyone who is serious about becoming a highly competent gardener to have this great training, but you'll need to take action quickly to have the opportunity of joining us this spring.

Go to www.growfood.com/store scroll to the bottom of the page and join us!

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Seedling production is SO important in being able to grow your own food!  Less than 10% of our time will be devoted to this very important topic, but just look at the depth and breadth of what you will learn and experience in just half of one day at the Mittleider Gardening Training Boot Camp!

Mittleider Method of Gardening

Secrets to Successful Seedling Production


Class Outline




Why Grow Seedlings:

·         Pros and cons of growing seedlings.

·         Cost of growing seedlings.

·         Quality of plants from seedlings.

·         Time needed to grow seedlings.

·         Production and harvest of seedlings versus store bought plants.


Seedling Production Structures:

·         The differences between a greenhouse and seed house.

·         Do you need a seed house or greenhouse?

·         Pros and cons of purchased and user-built greenhouses.

·         Location and orientation of greenhouse or seed house.

·         Layout of greenhouse or seed house.

·         Temperature and ventilation.

·         The in-the-greenhouse greenhouse.

·         How to build a seedling table.



·         Difference between Hybrid, Heirloom and GMO seeds.

·         Identifying quality seed and poor seed sources.

·         Recommendations where to buy seeds.

·         Seed harvesting

·         Proper seed storage.

·         When to plant seeds in Idaho.

·         Recommended vegetable plant varieties for Idaho.



·         Pre-planting seed preparation myths.

·         The "perfect" temperature for seed germination.

·         The proper use and type of seedling heat mat.

·         Different types of growing mediums (soils).

·         Sterilization of growing medium.

·         Different germination containers.

·         What size and shape of pots to use.

·         Whether to use pots or flats.

·         How to know how deep to plant a seed.

·         Deciding to plant seeds in holes or rows.

·         How many seeds to plant in each hole.

·         How to make and use a Dibble.

·         How to water without disturbing or killing the seed.

·         Recommended methods of watering.

·         How to check for proper soil moisture.

·         What to use to cover the seed during germination.

·         When and how to remove the covering.

·         Seedling nutrition needs during germination.

·         Proper watering: how often and how much.


Nurturing Seedlings:

·         The perfect seedling nutrient mix that you can make yourself.

·         When to expose seedlings to light.

·         Pros and Cons of sunlight and artificial light.

·         How many hours a day to expose to light.

·         Light intensities.

·         How close to put artificial lights to seedlings.


Seedling Health:

·         How to identify and treat for nutrition deficiencies.

·         How to identify and treat for diseases.

·         How to identify and treat for pests.

·         Proper pruning of seedlings.



·         How to make a seedling marker.

·         Using a seedling marker.

·         Seedling identification markers

·         Proper handling of seedlings.

·         Anchoring the seedling.

·         Proper light and water.

·         Why and how to shock a seedling.

·         How to know when to bump-up a seedling.

·         Proper technique in bumping-up.

·         What size pot to use when bumping-up.

·         How to care for large container plants.

·         How and when to sucker a plant.

·         Proper spacing of pots.

·         Hardening off seedlings.

·         How to transplant into garden.




1)      Inspect and discuss greenhouse, seed-house, heating sources, grow-lights, etc.


2)      Learn how to build seedling trays,

2) Fill them with custom soil,

3) Add proper amounts of balanced natural mineral fertilizer to the soil to assure fast healthy plant growth,

4) Prepare inexpensive and accurate watering equipment,

5) Create the perfect Constant Feed Solution to feed your plants as you water them,

6) Create and maintain the ideal soil temperature for optimum seed germination and growth,

7) Provide maximum light to avoid "leggy" stems and for photosynthesis to create great plants,

8) Learn the mechanics of planting, covering, protecting, and proper watering to avoid losing seedlings to poor germination, disturbances, damping-off, etc.,

9) When and how to transplant new seedlings,

10) Care and pruning of seedlings,

11) When and how to transplant seedlings a second time in the nursery when necessary,

12) Controlling light, temperature, and food to optimize your seedlings' availability for planting in your garden,

13) How to properly "harden off" seedlings in preparation for planting in your garden,

14) How, when, and where to plant your seedlings in your garden to assure they prosper and grow.

Make sure you find the time and resources to join us this Spring/Summer!  You'll never be the same.


Jim Kennard

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Here's the link to the website:

Growfood.com » Mittleider Gardening Training Boot Camp – Preparedness University


Jim Kennard


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