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Hi Jim!

My most difficult problem is "bugs"! They have been ruining certain crops, especially little black bugs (does anyone know what they ARE?... they do not appear to be aphids, but they DO take over very quickly!)  that have congregating on greens like chard, kale, and other crops like broccoli... Do you have an organic suggestion for dealing with these, and other, destructive little beasts? Thanks so much for your suggestions!

Carmen in zone 8b (or maybe 9b... from latest research ;-)

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Subject: [MittleiderMethodGardening] Let Me Answer Your Most Pressing/Difficult/Frustrating Gardening Problem
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I want to help YOU solve YOUR gardening problems and challenges, so that you can have an enjoyable and successful gardening experience this year!

To do this I need to know what your problems are!

As motivation, I will publish the best questions and their answers (by sending them in you give the Foundation permission to use them in any way they choose) AND:

For the top 20 questions received, based on how well they are written, how relevant they are to others in the Group, and how answerable they are by me (: I will give you your choice of any one of the digital books or the Gardening Seminar DVD/CD.

Give this some real thought, will you? Give me something to chew on that will be helpful to you and others in the group.

You've got 10 days - starting NOW!

Jim Kennard

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